Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Linda is out of fresh fruit and veggies.  That means she has to get creative with what is in the freezer.  This looks kind of gross, but she actually said it was delicious.  All these ingredients were hiding in her freezer: broccoli, black beans, corn, red peppers and veggie meatballs (they should be called soyballs since there isn't any meat and probably no veggies in them either.)  mixed together with some spicy salsa and seasonings... WIN!  Plus, there is enough leftover for 2 more meals... DOUBLE WIN.  After classes or church when she is starving, having something that can be quickly heated up in the toaster oven or stove top is really nice.  Back in the day, she would eat whatever was handy (pudding cup, cereal, toast) or not eat at all.  Tonight she ate dinner before leaving for church . That only happens about 1 out of 100 times because she is usually too rushed.  Today she got home from the gym super fast since there was zero traffic. 

It looks like the laptop made it one more day.  The screen keeps fading and turning itself off.  The battery is showing 100 percent full and she has it plugged in, but it still won't stay on.  Sometimes it restarts, sometimes it takes awhile.

Tomorrow is Thursday. Yay... Kid Fit and Penelope's day!  Sarah said Penny has been a little crabby the last few days.  Hopefully she'll be a good girl for her Nana and they can have some fun.  Was it only last year that she was this little??

How did Linda not know she had this picture?  Epic pout!!