Monday, October 14, 2013

To run or not to run

Should she or shouldn't she?  Since Chimi bombed at his running training the last two times, Linda is seriously thinking she should try again this evening.  The weather is amazing, he hasn't had a walk yet and its better for him to get back on the horse right away.  On the other hand, her legs are feeling like concrete from teaching classes: Body Combat, Body Pump, Sculpt-Cardio; and two TKD classes all before 5:00.  Plus, My Fitness Pal is reporting she still needs to eat 828 more calories before bed to met her daily total.  That's after this lunch of leftover garlic bread topped with the Italian Caprese salad (toasted under the broiler):
Don't be jealous you didn't get to eat it too
....and after this dinner of Sundays leftover spinach ravioli (smashed up), veggies, shrimp and mozzarella cheese baked into a casserole.
The trick is to make leftovers taste like a whole new dish... and she did!

If she adds a run with Chimi, then she'll have to eat even more calories.  (One trip to Sweet Frog and a topping feast could make a big dent in that though.)  Do they run?  Do they not run?? She doesn't want to just walk because that will feed into him getting his will and be counter productive to his fear of running training. 

Decision:  No run tonight.  There is enough chores to do to keep her busy till bedtime; a good book waiting to be finished and some much needed quite time to be had.  Because she would have to put real clothes on to go to Sweet Frog, she'll have some of this to meet her calorie goal:
This tiny pint is 1,000 calories!! The BEST gelato ever.
 P.S.  Since Linda lost some weight, everyone asks her "do all you eat is salads?  do you ever eat sweets? do you skip meals?"  NO, YES and NO.  If you are a reader of this blog and you look back at the photos, the number of salads shes eaten in the last months is under 10.  She almost never skips meals (if she does, its breakfast before church on Sundays) and she eats some kind of sugary dessert every single day.  The key is smallish portions of everything.  She just eats until she is no longer hungry, and not stuffed.