Saturday, October 26, 2013

Penny has fun

"My Aunt Tierney is so tan"

Taylor, Penny needs a dog like this

Riding the train!
Tierney took Penelope on a fun Auntie outing today.  They went to the mall to ride the train, merry-go-round and window shop.  Of course Tierney took her to the pet store too. The Pet store was one of Tier's favorite things to do when she was little (and not so little.) She said Penny loved this big dog.  Someday, Linda is going to get another big dog.  She loves Chimi and I, but she sure misses having big dogs. 

Tonight Chimi made her extra frustrated during their run.  It was his first time out with his coat this season, so she kind of knew ahead of time that it wouldn't be great.  He didn't last 5 minutes. He was petrified of the coat touching his skin.  She marched him back home and went back out without him.  She felt really strong but didn't run as long as she wanted because she overdressed.  A tee, long sleeve shirt, sweatshirt and a hoodie was perfect for the first few miles. Halfway into the third mile, she was sweating so hard that her tee shirt was soaked and sticking to her. Instead of looping home and changing to go back out, she just stayed in.

Aunt Tier, Minnie, Penny, Mickey and Nana at dinner