Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Candy Cane coffee and farro

Chimi and I do actually love each other and sometimes we share our stuff and prefer each other.
Waiting for our cookie treat

Last night, sharing MY hall bed (the one where he chewed the corner off the first hour I had it)
Then there are times like this afternoon.  While Linda was at Target buying a few things...
including this Candy Corn coffee flavor...

she picked us each up a deer antler bone.  Chimi had one a long time ago, but he sneaked (or is in snuck?) it outside and buried it.  Linda never found it.  There are two dogs and two bones.  Sounds pretty fair, right?? No, Chimi wants my bone and his bone.  He keeps bringing his bone to the bedroom and then runs out to take my bone too.  There have been almost dog fights a few times that Linda has had to break up.  Even though I am little, I am fierce when he tries to take my bone or bed and I don't want to share.  I let Linda take it and am a perfectly meek, obedient dog.. but I won't give it up to Chim.  I know Cesar would say to let us work it out; but the whole situation is annoying to Linda.  

As promised (because you keep checking the computer hourly for updates.. ha) here is a photo of her baked apples on her breakfast yogurt.
I know it looks more like dessert with the whip and almonds on top, but hey.. she needs the extra calories when she is teaching a lot of morning classes.  After 4 hours in the crock pot, the cherries made it really sweet.. so just a tablespoon does the trick.  You couldn't eat a whole piece of pie made with this filling (or maybe you could if you love really sweet pie!)

She also bought some farro today.  Linda never even heard of farro, but decided to give it a try since she has been making all sorts of new recipes and was looking for a fun new food.  Even Wiki is confused what farro really is.  It's not wheat, oats, rye, spelt or barley.  Farro is called different things in different countries.   It wasn't until Linda started googling recipes that she found out farro is the new trendy, quirky grain that everyone is eating.  She is always the last to know anything. Move over quinoa, make room for farro.

Linda will be dressing in some kind of outfit tomorrow for her classes.  Nothing fancy, maybe just her Superman shirt and red tights that she wore for other classes.  There are prizes for the top dressed instructors, but Linda won't even be trying for that. Tierney has some Batman things so she might wear those instead.  The little Kid Fit tykes are all dressing up.  She can't wait to see the Thomas the Trains, Princesses, Kittens, and Fireman that they picked for their costumes. 
She has no idea where the cape is though.