Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Lots of Photos

The temperature is dropping fast.  So far we have been keeping some of the windows open a little bit, but Linda is thinking of closing them tonight.  A big frost is coming in the next few days.  This is perfect weather for dog walks though.  Jerry took us tonight while Linda worked. He sent her a text bragging how I ran 2/3 of the walk!  This boggles Linda's mind since I'm the pokiest slow dog when she walks me. 

This is my favorite speed
Tuesday is her heavy teaching day, but she still wanted to take some time to cook some good food.  Yesterday was hummus, veggies, yogurt, salad and fruit.  She wanted something substantial for lunch and dinner, so this is what she made from what was in the pantry and fridge.
Baked Portobello mushrooms.  The filling is spinach, kale, tomatoes, yellow peppers and then topped with feta.  She ate one for lunch and one for dinner.  At dinner, she added a salad and then peaches for dessert. (At the gym this afternoon she read a magazine that said 24% of people who read blogs don't like food photos. Oh well.) 

This past weekend Sarah and Taylor took Penelope on a little vacation.  They had a great time!  Linda felt like she was there because Sarah sent her so many wonderful pictures.
Tierney is on vacation too.  She is at Disney.  It looks like she got a job.  Meet the new Belle!
She is a Beauty, that is for sure.
Chimi has been in his "I need to bed glued to Linda's side" stage the last few days. Right now he is up under her arm plastered against her body.  It's making it difficult to type since her right arm is so much higher than her left.
This is his pensive look
Earlier today he was acting just adorable and doing funny poses.  There have been articles in the news lately that describe how emotionally in-tuned dogs can be.  When he can sense Linda's tired or not her happiest, he does what ever he can to make her smile.  How can you not be in a good mood looking at this face? 
or especially this face!