Saturday, October 5, 2013

M is for M & M's

Penny just loves her horses and the ABC book that she got as a prize on Thursday.  Linda got to watch her twice on Thursday.  Sarah and Taylor had a date night, so she went over again at 6:30.  They did the whole ABC book.  It's a flip book and has a die-cut letter on each page where you can trace it with your finger.  On her own when she saw the P, Penny said "P- is for POP!"  Last time she said "P-is for POTTY."  (Tier, she also knows "T-is for Tierney.")  After reading, they played Horses for about 1/2 hour; had a snack, read the picture Bible and got ready for bed. 
Sarah told Linda earlier in the day she was feeding the horses leaves
This was the first time that Linda has had a hard time getting her to bed.  Even though it was 15 minutes past her normal bedtime, she kept crying "Oh no!!  Horses.. Owl (?).. Moon... Kids... Outside... Juice...Show (her TV program)" anything to get her Nana to let her stay up later.  She even pulled out the stops with "Bible, Nana.. Noah, Moses..!" so Linda would keep reading to her. 

"Wash, Wash..."
Check this out: Penny loves to clean.  Today she helped Sarah do the chores.  After classes today, Linda did much needed grocery shopping, cleaned the whole house and made a new recipe.  She used red, yellow, and orange peppers, shrimp, quinoa, jalapeno cheese and mango-pineapple-jalapeno salsa.  (Yes, she likes her food spicy.)
OK, I know she always says it was the best combination of food ever, but this really was.  The cheese looks like marshmallows because she only had fat free cheese and it didn't melt very good but tasted fine.  Next time shes going to use the real thing.

At the grocery store, Linda picked up a bag of Candy Corn M & M's.  She read on a few blogs that they are amazing.  Her whole life, M & M's have been her favorite candy.  In the past years, she's eaten more than one Costco size giant bags by herself.  Hopefully her self-control is a little better now and she won't eat the whole bag in one week.  The plan is for her to eat 10 a day.  Do you think that its even possible?
Tier looks beautiful even with candy corn teeth