Saturday, October 12, 2013

Dessert Day

Warning!  If you are currently craving sweets, you might want to skip this post.  Linda went to Western Day today, but they might as well change the name to Dessert Day.  That is basically what it is.  Sure, people were wearing their plaid shirts, jeans and cowboy boots.  More than half had cowboy hats, scarves and holsters on.  Penny wore her favorite pink cowgirl boots and overalls.
Since it was still rainy, they had to move some of the events indoors.  It was still fun though.  This time Tierney didn't narrate the hayride, but she was in one of the skits.  She played the innkeeper.  They definitely were not traditional Bible skits (especially the Garden of Eden and Noah's Ark.)  Just imagine a group of very creative young adults getting to put their own twist on the story.  Penny took the whole thing in stride.  
Tierney did a Long Island Jewish accent.. she was spot-on!
Now, for the desserts.  These are all separate tables, no repeats.

Linda chose a carrot cake cupcake (very good icing!); a salted caramel spice cupcake (shes not a big fan of salt and sweet although it sounded amazing) and two different kinds of oatmeal cookies. She figures that according to My Fitness Pal, she ate 996 calories worth of sugar for lunch.  And yes, she  currently has a stomach ache.  Taylor lost count after about his 7th dessert, but his metabolism is 10x faster than Linda's.   There was also approximately a dozen 6' tables packed full of every kind of food you can imagine: chicken; pork BBQ; baked beans, salad, dips, veggies, etc, etc, etc.   By the time Linda was able to get close enough to take pictures, most of the dishes were already 1/2 gone so you just have to imagine.

p.s.  Linda just noticed there is a repeat.  One of the tables looks like it has the same apple cake. Unless there were two apple cakes...