Friday, October 11, 2013

Athlete in Training

It's amazing that Linda isn't in bed yet (its after 9 p.m.)  She would be, but our chicken and rice for the week is still cooking on the stove and she can't go to bed until its done.  Besides her regular Aqua boot camp (taught on the concrete pool deck), Body Pump and a TKD class; she had another Body Pump & a Body Combat practice.  When she finally did get home Chimi was bouncing off the walls from being cooped up for two days because of the weather, so she dragged him out in the rain for a 20 minute jog tonight.  If you add all those hours up it might be more than most people exercise in a week.  (Speaking of averages, did you hear the news report today that mentioned that 51% of people don't even read one book (or poem!) a year.  That is so foreign to Linda.  She is always reading and has her whole life.  That love for reading was passed on to Tierney and its looking like Penelope too!)

Because she was driving from gym to gym and never came home, Linda had to eat lunch at a restaurant.  In olden days, she would eat out at least one meal a day, sometimes twice if you include Starbucks and a muffin.  Now, she never eats out except if Sarah and Taylor invite her to dinner.   The last time they went she ate home first then met them at the restaurant to hang out.  There are a number of reasons.  One: it's expensive.  She is budgeting pretty tightly now.  Two:  She likes her cooking and recipes so much that she can't wait to get home and eat.  Three:  The calories, fat, sodium, blah..blah..blah in restaurant food is crazy high.  Today she ordered a kids meal (tofu, beans and veggies) and was bummed she had to spend $4.79.   Maybe she is getting to be too much of a cheapskate and needs to lighten up a bit.  She thought of making it last for two meals but it was such a small amount and she was too starving to take half to go.
Only 400 more laps to go!
The day got much better when Linda opened a text from Sarah and saw this photo.  Penny went on a swim date with three of her best friends.  There is an indoor water park that has a special toddler pool.  As you can tell, she has the serious expression of an athlete in training.  She looks so adorable that Linda wants to get out of her PJ's and drive to their house right now just so she can give her a big kiss.