Monday, October 7, 2013

God's Glory

There's nothing like the most amazing, drawing dropping, God glorifying sunset to make you run longer than you planned.  Linda was tired from Body Pump, Body Combat and two TKD classes, so she was just going to chill tonight.  Instead she got a case of the guilts for not walking Chimi all day. It poured buckets earlier, so we just did quick trips out to the backyard.  Since it cleared up, she decided to go ahead and take him.  It was chilly enough for her to wear pants and a sweatshirt (other runners were in tanks and shorts though.)  Chimi is getting way better at running and he hardly balked at all. 

She is so glad she went.  As she was rounding a corner and running up a hill, she noticed all the houses bathed in this incredible pink light.  She looked up and totally stopped.  The sunset bought tears to her eyes.  It was pink, orange, pale yellow, and creamy white with a strip of Caribbean blue right in the middle.  Instead of turning back towards her house, she kept running uphill to get to the top of the neighborhood so she could get a better view.  I'm sure everyone who passed her (there were a lot of people out tonight) thought she was injured because she was crying as she ran.  Her iPhone was home charging so there is no picture.  She even typed "amazing sunsets/beautiful sunsets" into google to see if she could find something similar.  There weren't any photos close to as pretty as it was.  Hopefully some local photographer got a shot at that exact moment and will post it on FB so she can re-post it here later.
Since she is already teary-eyed, here is a picture of me and my Snickers.  I used to put my whole head in his mouth.  He loved me so much.  Not a day goes by that Linda doesn't think of him and wish he were still alive.