Thursday, October 3, 2013

A 12-pack of ponies

Linda couldn't wait to get to Sarah's this morning after Kid Fit.  Penny was waiting at the top of the stairs with a big grin on her face.  As soon as she saw Linda, she said "DOWN CHIMI."  She says it all the time, even when there is no dog to command.  If there is a dog in her TH neighborhood, she still says "Down Chimi!" even if its not jumping.  They packed up to go to the mall while Sarah did her chores.

After last weeks merry-go-round sickness, Linda thought it would be better to ride the train. It moves slowly, and does an entire lap around the 1st floor of the mall.  Linda still got motion sickness, only it wasn't nearly as bad as the carousal.  Back in the day, she could ride every roller coaster, the spinning tea cups and even those rides that make you go upside down.  How come she is getting such intense motion sickness from the littlest things?  It last a long time too, not just when she gets off the ride.
They were the first ones on, so they picked the caboose.  It is the best car because there is a little back porch area where you can be out in the open if you want.  Penny thought it was so fun while they were boarding.  She was yelling "TRAIN" over and over.  Watching 5'10" Linda trying to get in and out of the little door with a knee that doesn't bend so great must have been funny.   Plus, the seats are only 4" wide so sitting isn't all the comfy. 

Nana!  This is so much fun.  TRAIN!
As soon as it started actually moving, her expression changed
Not so sure about the train now
After 10 seconds Penny decided it was super fun and that she wanted to be a train conductor when she grew up!
"This is way-cool Nana"
She waved and said "Hello!!" to everyone they passed.   Of course they hit up Nordstrom's for their balloon and watched the tropical fish in the big tank.  Penny even got two prizes for being such a good girl.  A Princess ABC book and this toy that Tierney would have (or still might) adored:
A 12-pack of Ponies!