Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Almost Pie

Apples, dried cherries, apple pie spices... so good!
Sarah is the Queen of apple pie baking.  Her pies are so good and she doesn't even need a recipe.  The crusts are a work of art.  In her whole life Linda has never once made a pie.  Well, she did bake a Mrs. Smith frozen pie, but it boiled over and burnt in the oven.  Since then, she just eats pie if someone else makes it.  This afternoon she was really craving apple pie.  Making a crust sounded to hard, so she just made the apple pie filling in the crock pot.  This is the before picture. 

There isn't an after picture because she had to leave for classes in a hurry so she just put it in the fridge. Tomorrow she is going to put some on top of her vanilla yogurt, so you have to check back to see the finished product.  OMGosh, the whole house smelled amazing and she thought it tasted even better.  Her next crock pot creation is going to be pumpkin butter.  Maybe she'll need to create a food blog after all!
My first Halloween

The second worst holiday of the year is fast approaching.  The first is the 4th of July because fireworks=sad dogs.  Not far behind is Halloween.  We go C R A Z Y when the doorbell rings or someone knocks.  All the trick or treat kids will be ring-ringing and knock-knocking like crazy all night.  I get asthma attacks that causes choking and wheezing when the doorbell rings.   Linda won't even be home since she'll be at the gym until late. 
 Celebrating my roots!