Sunday, October 13, 2013

Back to square zero

In the very beginning of teaching Chim to run on the leash he really didn't know what was going on.  Maybe he thought he was hurrying to get a cookie or chase a squirrel.  Once he figured out that he would actually have to keep moving at a brisk pace the process broke down.  It was months to get him to move at a decent speed and then yesterday happened.  Thinking it was a fluke, Linda took him back out today for another try.  He made it 1:24 seconds before he did an about face and started sprinting towards home!  Linda turned with him and followed... running the fastest 60 seconds of her life. So he can run fast on a leash... as long as he is going in the direction he wants!!  She dumped him inside the front door and went back out to finish alone.  The faster running was a great way to start, so she decided to finish with the same 60 second sprint back home.  It probably has been 25 years since Linda ran as hard as she could.  (Knee replacements, sciatic issues, hip pain, getting old and never having a reason to.)  The last time she remembers running fast is when a dog busted out a screen door and started charging her and (then puppy) Snickers.  She managed to only get bit on the butt of her jeans, but he tore into the fabric pretty good.  Of course she picked up Snickers and ran to save him from the beast.  If he would have been full size, he would have most definitely saved her jeans.  If she would have been watching Cesar, she would have handled it differently and not run but it was just instinct to get away. 

Chim is sorry he was such a loser during the run and is cuddling her doing the "please don't make eye contact with me" position while she is typing. 

Her lunch today was a huge splurge of calories, but so decadent and delicious.  Linda is NOT a food blogger so excuse the picture (nor is she a running blogger or a grand-mommy blogger or even a real writer.  She knows this blog is just an online diary that people can read if they know her. There are probably quite a few critics making fun of her spelling, punctuation and prose.)  Anyway, here it what was left on her plate when she remembered to take a picture:
Spinach ravioli topped with Alfredo sauce, olive oil and breadcrumbs; garlic bread; and a Caprice salad with tomatoes, artichoke hearts, mozzarella and sun-dried tomatoes.  Dessert was amazing caramel gelato. (Now you know why she ran on a normal rest day!)  For lunch tomorrow she is going to melt the mozzarella salad on top of the garlic bread and make a fancy Bruschetta. 

Tierney had a friend come into town for the weekend.  She met him on the European cruise she took this summer.  He came with Tier to meet Linda for breakfast this morning (Taylor too!)  She wishes she asked someone to take a picture though. Linda liked him before she even said "Hello" based solely on Tier's cruise photos.  How many guys would take such fun photos without being all "I'm too cool for that?"
That is Eric kneeling in front barking like a seal
They did the MJ Thriller dance.  (Tier center back, Eric with a towel on his head)