Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thursday minute by minute

Thursday is Linda's favorite Kid Fit day.  She's had the same group of 3-5 year old kids for a long time. They are all obedient and super adorable.  Instead of doing songs and routines today, Linda tried something different.  She picked up a stack of the sweat wiping gym towels (clean ones.. Ha!) and decided to play towel games.  Since it wasn't planned in advance, she had to make them up as she went along.  It was the most fun they ever had!  After 20 minutes of games,  she had them cleaning the basketball court.  Honestly, they couldn't have had a better time!  They wiped the walls, railings, baseboards and lines on the court.  At the end, they all marched over to put the dirty towels in the laundry basket.  During the Yoga stretch, they talked about their favorite Halloween candy.  Every kid but one chose candy corn.  The other one chose those yucky candy pumpkins.  She's thinking of making little goody bags for them with stickers, pencils and some candy corn for the class on Halloween. 

 Linda totally forgot her camera today so she didn't take any new Penelope pictures.  Penny had a friend over today.  Riley is a few months older than Penny.  This picture is from the summer. She is much bigger now.  You can see I'm not a fan of toddlers I don't know.  They do too much poking, prodding and pinching!
Riley is adorable.  She repeats words that you say (only 10x, not once) and then Penny copies her and it becomes an endless loop.  Too bad Linda didn't get a video of them saying "pig" 100 times. 
Pile of pigs from the petting farm

Upside down sunglasses are way cooler
After Linda left Sarah's she stopped to get the car inspected.  In all the years she has had to do that unpleasant chore, this was the least painful.  There was zero wait, the worker men were all so nice and she had a $3 off coupon. There was even a Keurig coffee maker in the waiting room and Dr. Oz on the TV.   There was still enough time for grocery shopping, lunch and a quick shower before 4:30 TKD.

While teaching the 5:30 Body Pump, Linda's right quad failed during the lunge track.  It seized up and  cramped pretty bad.  She had a heavy bar on her back too.  Instead of the agonizing scream she really wanted to do, she kind of faked checked the form of the people in the back so she could stand up for a second. There was still 18 reps to go on that leg forward!  She managed to finish and switch legs, but its still throbbing some now.  It was the leftover pain from teaching Combat Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. She really should take an ice bath but isn't brave enough to do it.

Linda had $20 in Kohl's cash (a department store chain) that expired tonight so she had to stop on the way home from the gym. The trick is to get out with just spending the $20 and not $50 extra.  Plus, she had a 30% off coupon, so she figured she could find something retailing for about $30 and break even.  Everything at Kohl's is marked up and then put on sale, but the prices are still ridiculous.  She wanted a new pot, but they were twice the price of Walmart pots.  Instead, she found a super cozy throw for the couch.  That is where she does the majority of her reading and has had to pile all the pillows on top of her to keep warm.  The blanket ended up costing her under $3.  Deal! 

You already read about the failed Chimi run, so I can skip that part.  Dinner was leftover roasted veggies and then Black Cherry frozen yogurt for dessert.  Now the hunt is on for the lost tube of Icy Hot and then bed.