Friday, October 25, 2013

Baby, It's Cold Outside

We might have to break-down and turn the heat on tonight.  It's going to only be 30 degrees.  This morning Linda was warm under the covers, but Chimi was cold in his bed and I was bundled up in Linda's sweatshirt when she woke up.  She was aiming to hold off until Nov. 1 before she turned it on.
She loves this warm scarf and is going to be wearing it lots!
Linda met the family for her birthday dinner tonight.  The food was very good and Linda has her leftovers and Tierney's leftovers to eat for the next few meals.  Tier gave her a beautiful sweater and shirt from Nordstrom's and Sarah and Taylor gave her an amazing gigantic plant for the living room.  It's been such a nice birthday few days. Penny even said "Happy Birthday Nana!"  She loves to suck the lemons from the water glasses, check out her sour face.
Aunt Tier got her this bib and a Mickey and Minnie stuffed toy from Disney.  It was so cute watching her cuddle them.  It so reminded Linda of Taylor with his Blue Bear and Tierney with her Big Bird when they were babies.   Before long she'll have another grand baby to spoil!!  Penelope will be such a great big sister.
Linda never watches regular TV.  If she does turn it on, she watches a show on Netflix or Hulu. For the first time in weeks, she turned on the regular cable and discovered its broken.  She has no idea how long shes been paying for cable channels and not been getting reception.  The worker man is coming tomorrow to fix it.  She didn't ask the online chat help person if there will be a charge.  If there is, she is going to decline the service call and just cancel the cable all together.