Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Will you miss me?

The laptop is dying.  It's probably only has a few days (or maybe hours) left before it goes ka-put.  When laptops break, its probably cheaper to buy a new one then get it repaired.  Even though Linda does NOT want to go through the hassle of getting all her stuff transferred and possibly (maybe) having to learn out to work a Mac.  All the really cool people say that Windows operating system is a dinosaur and that Mac's are SO MUCH better.  I know it would certainly get along better with her Apple TV, iPhone and iPod.  If anyone has an extra $1,500 laying around (for the cheap Mac!), could you send it to her?  (Just kidding... kind of.)  It is tempting just to get an inexpensive $500 computer and then wait to upgrade to something better later.  Hmm... or she could put ads on this blog like so many other blogs and earn $$.  If you don't see posts for awhile, its because she'll have to borrow someones laptop to update.   At least all of the photos got backed up on an external hard drive last night.  She couldn't figure out how to back up all her Les Mills music, but that has to be done ASAP or she'll have to reload everything and that would not be fun.  There is a computer-nerd name for what is happening to the laptop, but she already forgot what it is.  We don't have a desktop anymore either.
Linda is going to try this in her spare time... ha!
Just rereading this post made Linda realize how rich she actually is and not the least bit poor.  She has an Apple TV, iPhone and an iPod (not to mention a house, car, food...)  Never mind about whining about the laptop money.