Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Rubbery Legs

Linda made up for not cooking yesterday with two amazing meals today.  For lunch, she roasted all of the veggies she had on hand for 40 minutes on high heat.
This looks so beautiful (can food be beautiful?) and tasted out of this world.  I even got a little bite that fell on the floor.  Butternut squash; red potatoes, fresh basil, Brussel sprouts, mushrooms, onions and red/yellow peppers.  The made-up on the spot seasonings were a win.  Don't ask, because she was just shaking different stuff on the top and can't remember what she used.  There is enough for 3 more meals which makes her super-happy. 

Dinner wasn't as pretty, but it tasted just as good.  Baked salmon (with a spicy-tangy topping) and a homemade mixture of rice, corn, salsa and those slimy green peppers in a can that she can't remember the name of.
The two things that look like orange M & M's are Advils.  Linda's legs (mostly her quads, but her glutes and hamstrings too) are so exhausted they are rubbery and doing quaky muscle spasms.   Anyone (and there are lots of people she talks to) who says Body Combat and Body Pump are wimpy workouts are NOT doing it right.  If you load your Pump bar and do all your jump kicks/ deep lunges/high knee runs in Combat you will be exhausted even if you don't do it a million times a week like Linda does.  

Sarah did good today.  She sent so many adorable Penelope pictures and even a video.  We are going to make them last and just post one.  Tomorrow Linda is going to bring her real camera and take a bunch of Thursday play-date Penelope photos.
Penny... stop getting big so fast!  She was heading out to a swim date with her best buds.