Monday, October 7, 2013

Horses furloughed

Since we live in the DMV area (District, Maryland, Virginia), Linda knows a lot of people who have been affected by the government shut down. Friends from the gym and church, sometimes both husband and wife, have been furloughed.  One couple just bought a house and the woman is 9 months pregnant.  There are parks, museums, monuments and all sorts of agencies shut down.  The gym has been packed with members working out instead of going to work. Linda had twice the number of people in her classes this morning.  Traffic is also non-existent.  She is still leaving 45 minutes early for a 10 minute drive though because that's her schedule. Today she browsed Whole Foods since she had 1/2 hour to spare.  Wow!  Such great things.. but all so expensive.

This A.M she read about another shutdown.  The annual roundup of wild ponies on the Eastern Shore of Virginia has been cancelled.  The Chincoteague horses have a fall roundup ever year so they can get their annual health checkup before winter sets in.  Linda knows this is a stupid thing to be worried about compared to people getting behind on their car or house payments.  It is the way Linda has always been.  In movies, if the animals get hurt or die she gets all upset.. more than if the movies has a shoot-out or disaster strike.  This is real life and people are way more important than animals so it shouldn't be bothering her one bit.

I wonder if horsey people & veterinarians (Linda almost typed vegetarians) could volunteer to do the round-up to give the horses their medical exams?
"I'll help Nana!"