Monday, October 21, 2013

Linda's giant fail

It's really dark at 4 a.m.  I don't know why Linda feels wide awake and ready to go when its still pitch-black outside.  She was awake, so we were too.  The house was very cold and there was even a little frost on the deck railings.  After we went outside, she jumped back under the covers to get warm and then it was 6:10 before she knew it.  Its a good thing she didn't oversleep and miss her morning classes.  For about 7 seconds she thought about going out to run and watch the sunrise, but decided the view is beautiful right from the den window.

Under a blanket with Chimi on her lap is better than running
To Linda, being cold is 100x worse than being hot.  Her hands and feet get frostbit feeling even when is above freezing. They get a stinging pins and needles feeling while they get warm.  The worse time is on the winter evenings after shes gotten done teaching her Aqua classes.  Her feet actually feel like they are burning as they defrost in the tub.  It is a very good thing we live in Virginia and not New England since she is a huge winter-wimp.

Every fall, a house on hour regular walk decorates their yard with scarecrows.  Both Chimi and I hate them and do everything we can do steer clear. They are not always the same either.  Looking back at the past years photos you can tell there are a whole clan of them that rotate.
Danger!  Straw monsters!!

 "Do not make eye contact, do not make eye contact..."
Sunday afternoon during Chimi's running training, he came face to face with the straw people.  It was breezy, so not only was he afraid of the life size creatures but the straw was blowing around in the wind.  Double whammy nightmare.  He did great on the second half of the run trying to put as much distance between his body and the scarecrows.  From now on, she will make sure she stays on the other side of the street.  

In all her years of teaching (and its been so many she doesn't want to admit it here!) Linda forgot to teach a class today.  She is used to the schedule she has but is always super careful to put her subs on the google calendar.  She took a long term sub that started last week, but when she put it on the schedule, she forgot to press "repeat" on Monday's so it didn't show up this morning.  La-D-Da... she is out on the trail running after her morning classes and gets a call from her boss "where are you??" Right then it triggered she was supposed to be subbing!  It was already 20 minutes into the class start time and she was 20 minutes away, so Linda's giant fail.   She so hopes they forgive her! It's a very nice group of active older adults so she feels doubly bad.