Sunday, October 27, 2013

Best Run Ever

That would be Linda's best run ever, not Chimi's.  After yesterdays frustrating experience, she is going to probably go back to just fast walking and not try to make him be a runner.  The two best running dogs she ever had were Sheba (pure Siberian Husky) and good-boy Snickers.  They just were not good running at the same time dogs.  If she tried to take them together, she would risk having her shoulders dislocated when Sheba saw a squirrel, deer or got distracted.  Back in those days Linda would take them both out separately.  That's a good way to ensure you are going to get a lot of exercise!   She had a certain part of the wooded trail she would run with them.  Snickers always got to go first since he was The Big Dog, then while he napped she would take Sheba on the same exact route.  She can still remember her best time.  Today she ran the exact same paths (including the detour deer trails through the woods) and beat her best time by 8 minutes! 
Linda was looking through her photos for a picture to go with this post and instead discovered this old picture of our one and only Christmas tree.  Linda doesn't usually do Christmas trees, but Tierney actually cut this down  herself and bought it over to our house with some lights as a surprise.  We didn't have decorations, so she stuck all her Starbucks Christmas bears (and one cute pooch!) in the branches.