Saturday, October 12, 2013

Back to square one

I know we just posted this video a little while ago, but it still makes Linda smile every time she watches Chimi howling at a video of him howling.  Ha! 

All of the running gains that Chimi made these past few weeks were wiped away in one horrible attempt to run this evening.  He was ecstatic while she was getting her sneakers on and when he saw the leash, he about did a full body flip.  When he gets excited, he howls like a wolf.  All was fine until his feet hit the wet grass.  It was like one of those cartoons you see of the person dragging their dog for a walk behind them on the sidewalk.  Sometimes he just needs to get warmed up, so she didn't give up on him.  After about 40 stalls and stops and one almost total wipe out when he stopped suddenly and Linda slipped in the mud, she took him back home and finished the run alone.  How many people can actually say they have a high-energy dog who hates running?  You've all seen the videos of him in the backyard.  He is cheetah-dog.  She just can't understand his fear of running on a leash. 
Baby Chimi with his brothers and sisters. Now he would totally fill up this bed alone and probably hang off the sides.

After her run, she cleaned the house.  Instead of doing the whole house, she set a time limit for 30 minutes and stopped when the time was out.  Once she starts cleaning, she can get wrapped up in adding one more chore and before she knows it, hours have gone by.  There is always tomorrow to finish.  From now on, its a rest night... some reading, a healthy dinner (no more sugar!) and early to bed.