Sunday, October 20, 2013

Solo Run

Tierney and Jerry during the Disney trip 10 years ago. Tier and Linda are the master picture posers.
Tierney is in Disney this week (yes, the Tierney who just went on the European cruise) so Linda won't be meeting her for their traditional coffee before church fellowship.  It's the time of the week they get caught up on "so what have you been doing lately?" and read all the sale papers.  Target is their favorite insert, followed by the Magazine section with the crossword and restaurant review.  Anyway, since Linda still woke up super early she decided to go for a run.  Both Chim and I ran (to hide in our beds!) after she put us outside in the yard since we like to sleep as long as possible.  She wanted to go alone anyway, and not have to worry about tripping on Chim or having to deal with meltdowns.  It was so beautiful!  Seeing the full moon shining and the sun coming up at the same time always reminds her of God's glory.  Nature (whether its sunsets, leaves turning colors, waterfalls, animals roaming the forest) get Linda a little emotional when she is confronted with His amazing work!  She listened to Praise and Worship music and sang along since there wasn't another person out running that early.  Linda wishes she could be a real runner.. the Army 10K, Marine Core Marathon, even endurance 50K's kind of runner.  She loves the solitude & quietness of running, the time you get to reflect, pray or think things through and the beauty of the scenery.  One day, if she ever doesn't teach 21 classes per week, she is going to start training for a real race.  Her knees won't allow her to teach classes and train for mileage.
This is her trail in the spring
And the Summer.  Sometimes the water is up to the top of the stones.  Chimi can hop from step to step, but I have to be carried.
Fall is the best