Monday, October 28, 2013

1,645 remaining

Linda has been using My Fitness Pal since earlier this summer.  She hasn't missed a day writing down what she ate or adding her exercise.  Tonight before dinner, she still had 1,645 calories to eat since she taught so many classes and then ran this afternoon.  She decided to go crazy and make her favorite meal.

First she sauteed quinoa with shrimp, kale, tomatoes, peppers and fresh basil.  She baked some salmon and roasted Brussels sprouts to go with it. 
It was delicious!  She said it was like going to a fancy restaurant except she ate it in the den wearing her pj's and furry slippers and didn't take it off the aluminum foil. 
Dessert was vanilla yogurt, strawberries, a Fiber One 90 calorie brownie, whip and sprinkles.  YUM! She is actually so full she can't eat any more right now. 

She ran today (alone, no Chimi) on the historic W&OD Trail.  It's 45 mile long and ties in with other trails.  She saw so many bikers, runners, walkers, dogs, a uni-cyclist and a wheel-chair racer man.  Honestly, she prefers the quite trail right by our house.  Some times she doesn't see another person during the entire run.  The W&OD was crowded since it was a beautiful afternoon and everyone was out enjoying the nicer weather.  The name of the trail is taken from the railroad where trains ran from 1859 until 1968.  The trail has a lot of Civil War history, cool old houses and even  part of a building from one of the old-timey train stations (which she ran past!) 

"What, you went on a new trail without me?"