Thursday, October 24, 2013

Even more photos

Check out my very own Tierney hanging out at Gaston's Tavern at Disney.  Little kids really thought she was Belle and lined up to talk to her.  She just dressed up for the character night, but she looks so much like the movie Belle that children were fooled.

Tonight after class Linda and Tier went to the Burger Joint for dinner.  Linda had the black bean fiery Mexican burger.  There were whole raw jalapenos on the burger, complete with seeds.  Yeah, Linda loves spicy food, but biting into a giant raw jalapeno that is topped with jalapeno cheese is even hot for her.  She loved it though and can't wait for tomorrows lunch to eat the left-overs. 

One of the students in her Pump class gave her flowers and a balloon tonight before Body Pump class.  How thoughtful and kind.  They smell amazing and are making Linda smile every time she goes in the kitchen.  Notice the fruit and painting in the background? Kind of like a still-life study.

She also got this beautiful scarf from a good friend
 Linda had planned to take Penny on a trail hike today, but the wind was so cold they decided to go to the mall.  Penelope loves the train ride and this time she picked the first car behind the engine instead of the caboose.
Every time she heard the Toot-Toot and Clang-Clang she would giggle
Part of the mall tradition is to go to Nordstrom's Kids shoe department to see the tropical fish tank and get a balloon. 

Penny wanted to try on all the shoes today.  If Linda had boo-koo bucks, she would have gotten her a pair of Ugg boots and a the cutest pink furry moccasins. 

It's freezing tonight, in the low 40's.  Linda was brave and went out for her run anyway.  She wore lots of light layers.  A pair of gloves would have been smart and made it almost comfortable. Chim and I went with her for the first 15 minutes but she dropped us off so she could pick up the pace.  Even I ran!!  She has to break out our sweaters because its only going to get colder this weekend.
Chim was afraid of the furry surprise there