Tuesday, October 1, 2013

So much goodness in one dish

 P.S. Linda is writing this post.  She wants to switch voices, but its so hard after so many years!!
This recipe keeps getting better every time I make it.  Yesterday I did it a little different.  Instead of putting all the vegetables in the dish at the same time to bake, I layered it.  First went the potatoes, followed in 10 minute intervals by carrots, Brussels Sprouts, peppers and finally the tomatoes right at the end.  Each layer got some olive oil (just a brushing) and some seasonings.  I can't believe I used to live on grocery store cardboard pizza, TGIF boxed frozen appetizers, unhealthy take-out and cereal.  Everyone asks me how I lost weight in the last 9 months.  There isn't any magic potion or secret (except tracking everything I ate with My Fitness Pal).  The answer is not eating junk food; frozen convenience meals or processed foods.  I still eat some real sugar daily though :) Restaurant meals are rare.  The amazing Chili Rellenos from Sunday's lunch lasted me for 3 meals, not 1 like it used to.  The key is eating when your hungry and just til you are not hungry.. but never stuffed. The real test will be going to the Dr. and seeing if the dangerously high cholesterol numbers are down.  Maybe, maybe not (since its mostly likely hereditary) but I'm not going to change the healthy meals!
Abandoned Wizard of Oz theme park.  This is an eerily beautiful photo.

This picture has nothing to do with the post, I just think it's so cool.  Tier posted a link about abandoned theme parks today and it got me looking at some different sites.