Thursday, October 17, 2013

The answer my friend, is (not) blowing in the wind

Guess who sprinted all on his own for the first 8 minutes tonight?...With no "giddy-up's"; tripping Linda; stalling, sniffing or complaining.. and had a great time doing it??  Chimi the Chihuahua.. the speedy-Gonzales Olympic record busting pooch, that's who!  Then guess what happened at the 8:10 mark?  The wind picked up and started blowing hard.  A stray plastic grocery bag blew across the sidewalk in front of him and that was the end of the run.  It was actually the end of the walk.  He shut-down and wouldn't budge.  His poor hindquarters were quivering and he was whimpering.  The bag didn't touch him, it just sailed across the sidewalk about 20 yards in front of him.  At 17 pounds (all muscle, zero fat.  Linda has googled "world's biggest Chihuahua" before.  All the other pure bred Chi's that big are just fat.  He might actually be the winner!") there is no way she was carrying him back home.  It took sneaker taps in his rear to get him to actually move.  Now they are home, but he is still not recovered.  What could have happened to him in the first few weeks of his life that has him so petrified of things blowing in the wind?  Linda will never know the answer and it will remain a mystery.  Maybe she should try to desensitize him by filling the bathroom with plastic bags, sheets of paper, and dried leaves then set a fan on high to blow them around the room.
He was so tiny!