Thursday, October 31, 2013

Rottotiller Puppy

Doesn't Chim look so sweet and innocent?  Most of the time he is a very good dog and Linda enjoys his company.  Then for no reason whatsoever, he'll do something whack.  There is a bed on the deck that he has been sleeping on for about 2 years.  He loves the deck, especially when the sun is out and he can bask.  When she got home today, she let us both outside to do our business.  After a few minutes, she came outside too.  What does she find? Chimi was in the process of totally destroying the bed!
She also had to take the bones away from us because he was being a bone hog.  I was having to complete sit on top of my chew bone so he wouldn't pull it away from me. 
"Stay away!"
This explains it! Chim must be from this litter of Rototiller puppies!!

The gym was empty this morning.  The Combat class that was going on the same time as Linda's Kid Fit class had less than 1/2 the normal members. That means there wasn't kids in the Kids Club either.  Instead of her normal 10-15 students, she only had 3.  It was hard to keep them engaged and entertained since they feed off of each others energy.  Linda made up games with long tied together ribbons that was fun for about 20 minutes.  Next they played red light-green light to music and then some pretend shark/puppy/snake/elephant/cheetah make believe (their ideas).

Penny went to her cousins house this morning, so Linda won't be seeing her for the normal Nana-Penny Thursday time until a little later.
"But I want my Nana NOW Daddy!"