Thursday, October 10, 2013

Princesses and Cowgirls

Meet Princess Penelope. Like most little girls, she loves all things Princess.  Sarah said she only wants to wear this dress. When she was a baby (maybe 10 months old?) she went to Princess birthday party.  The costume still fits her at 18 months.  Penny has gotten way taller, but she is still skinny.  Part of Penny's princess obsession must be hereditary.  Her Aunt Tier loves being a princess too.
The other part is from her Disney books and the new ABC Princess book she loves to read.  She also loves horses, cows, balls and purses, so who knows what will stick and what she'll grow out of? 

Linda was shocked to come down the hall this afternoon and see Chim and I sharing a bed.  We have never shared before.  If he is in one bed, I'll choose one of the other 4. 
Linda tried something different for dinner tonight.  Veggie Alfredo Pizza.  It tasted good, but the picture so didn't look appetizing so here are Sarah's amazing pizzas.
Maybe she could make them again for her birthday dinner (hint hint)

This weekend is the annual Western Day (Linda has always called it Cowboy Day) at church.  Here are some of the desserts from last year.  You can't just bring a box of Donut holes.  Linda has to work until 12:15 and she is going right from the gym.  The ladies pull out all the stops in the food department, but Linda only signed up for a case of water since she won't be home all morning. (Not to mention she probably won't ever make a cake this fancy.)  
Even Penny wore her western duds last year
Tierney runs the hayride for the kids with all her creative friends. 
Friends since Kindergarten
The pups even dress up!