Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Chimi had a PR (personal record) today on his run.  The fastest he has been able to go one lap in our neighborhood is 20 minutes.  Linda could run it alone in half the time, but she has to keep stopping to kick him in the butt so he keeps moving. He normally has about a dozen meltdowns where he stops and pancakes himself to the sidewalk.  Today, there wasn't any!  Linda has trained us both to never step a paw off any curb (just in case) so she carries us across the street.  His PR was even more amazing because her headphone cord got trapped under his belly during one of the crossings and he went mad-dog crazy.  It wasn't even painful since the iPhone plugs didn't come out of her ears.  Just the fact that there was something foreign touching him made him freak-out.  Linda found that the trick is to keep him right in front of her shoes.  If he slows down, he gets a little encouragement from her sneaker.  It sounds mean, but honestly... it's not like he doesn't have the energy.  He's deathly afraid of her feet making sounds on the pavement.  Even with the headphone snafu, he still had his best run to date.  We really need Cesar to read this blog and feature Chim on the show. 
Look at Chip giving Lil Chimi the stink-eye for being in her bed.  I love his face! He was so little when he came to us. He ended up totally destroying this bed into nothing more than a 2" scrap of material. 

This is Chimi in my bed; the same exact size as the brown one, only he got a little bigger! (This is my newborn bed and my absolute favorite.  If he destroys it he is going to the pound.)
It's been a few days since the last posting of "what is Linda eating?"  She hardly ever does breakfast photos, this was this AM's meal.
Actually, for the past 4 months, it's been every mornings meal.  Greek yogurt (which the news is reporting is kind of bogus.  There are no regulations on what "Greek" means.  It can actually have more sugar and salt and not be strained to get the whey out. It does have more protein though.) with fruit, almonds and dark chocolate chips.  The fruit can change, but the rest is the same.  This is a giant bowl, but she needs the calories to get her through a bunch of classes. 

Mondays recipe (and leftovers for Tuesday) was a Mexican lasagna.  She is still using up the fat-free cheese, so it doesn't melt properly.

The next creation is going to involve butternut squash, but she needs to find some inspiration first.  She also is going to make her own sun-dried tomato and artichoke heart hummus.