Sunday, April 17, 2011

It Was the Cat

One time when Snickers was a puppy Linda was talking on the phone to her Mom in NJ. She was engrossed in the conversation and did not notice how quite the house was. When she hung up, she found Snickers eating the sofa. He had chewed up the bottom fabric and was working his way up the sofa arm. Another time, he chewed the window sill off in Taylor's bedroom. Oh, and there was the time he jumped up on the kitchen counter and ate an entire birthday cake. (Thank goodness it wasn't chocolate.) I guess compared to Snickers antics when he was a puppy and this dogs dislike for pink wallpaper, maybe Chimmie's tiny chewing episodes are not really all that bad. Snickers turned out to be the world's most perfect dog, so there is still hope for Chim.