Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Penny Saver

We all know who the real Penny saver is.  It is not a newspaper. It sounds a little different and it's spelled S a v i o r!  Penny will grow up hearing the testimonies in her own life of the power of prayer, that's for sure. 
Finally... Ta-Da!! This morning I got a haircut.  Linda tried to stick my tongue back into my mouth before she took a picture of me in my snazzy bandanna, but I kept sticking it out.  I feel so much better without the mop of hot fur.  They also brushed my teeth, clipped my nails and did some business on the back-end too.  Linda had a little (OK, a lot) of sticker shock when she paid the grooming bill.  $103.  No joke, she doesn't spend close to that in one full year of haircare for herself. That wasn't at a fancy salon either, it was at the groomers in my vets office.