Saturday, April 6, 2013

P A R T Y!

I'm sure Penelope is home in her crib taking a long nap.  The party was really great and Sarah did an amazing job baking a bunch of pies.
There was pumpkin, apple and banana creme pie.  Sarah also baked allergy-free cookies for the kids who can't have eggs and dairy.

Penny loved her own special banana creme pie.  After everyone ate, they watched a sweet photo/video presentation Taylor put together highlighting Penelope's first year.  Linda got a little teary-eyed. Opening presents came next.
She loved her little push pig that Grammy and Grandad gave her.

Tierney's favorite present was the barking, prancing puppy from Aunt Carly and Uncle Jon.

The kids took wagon rides, played soccer and blew some bubbles.  Much fun was had by all!!

Penny was so squirmy and tired that she wouldn't pose for a good picture with her Nana.
"No more pictures, pretty please?"