Monday, April 8, 2013

Nutty News

I know your expecting to read something nutty that Chimi eat a whole 64-box of Crayola crayons and leave rainbow colored poop all over the yard.  (He really did that, but it was when he was a puppy.)  Nope, this is other nutty news. Last night some thieves in Germany stole a truck filled with 5.5 TONS of Nutella. For those readers that don't know what Nutella is, imagine chocolate and hazelnuts made into a peanut butter type spread. Linda said its amazing, but too addicting to keep in the cupboards.  It wasn't the first time the crooks stole something from the exact same spot.  Earlier they stole a several tons of Red Bull energy drinks and in a separate crime, a semi-tractor trailer full of coffee.

Red Bull, Coffee, Chocolate.... Um Tierney these are a few of your favorite things.... Have you been to Germany in the last few weeks?  If a truckload of Tory Burch flats go missing, I'm going to have to turn you in!

"I was at skit practice, or doing puppets, or watching kids, or working, or at Nordstrom's... It wasn't me!"