Thursday, April 4, 2013

Shrinking Fig Newtons and Other Random Things

Linda had been craving Fig Newtons for weeks.  She hates spending almost $5 on package of cookies though...that was until the grocery store had a BOGO sale the other day.  Two packs of Fig Newtons for the price of one? OK...Deal.  When she opened the package, look at what she found.  Fig Newtons are now barely bigger than a quarter!  When she was little, they were three times this size. 

As you can see, Linda still hasn't gotten her bedroom arranged so she can open the draws.  It's going to take some big strong men (hint-hint) to help her move the furniture around.  Doesn't the bed look comfy?
Chimi thought so too.  Not 3 minutes after Linda made the bed early this morning, he unmade it again so he could get under the covers.  Tomorrow she is going to hide in the hallway and try to video him doing it.  He must dig like crazy to get the pillows that messed up.

Penelope is already showing her country girl roots.  She discovered a giddy-up pony just her size!  When Tierney was little, she would have never gotten off this!  Taylor would have just used it as target practice with his Nerf gun.

For over a year, Linda has wanted to turn our small upstairs bedroom into a walk in closet.  Look at this easy idea! These are bookcases from Ikea mounted to the wall.  All you have to do is securely attach the closet poles between the two bookcases.  This looks like such a great solution that is inexpensive and functional.

This looks like a mini-Tierney, complete with the flats and headband!

Linda is reading a book that her friend recommended.  It focuses on all the health issues caused by the genetically modified wheat that is now in almost everything.  A few years ago, Linda was a gluten-free, sugar-free, diet coke/coffee-free, total vegan. She knows it is possible and changing her diet will make her feel better, but it's such a huge step.  I guess she either better hurry and finish the Fig Newtons or give them away.  She is committed to trying again for a month and seeing if her arthritis and other ailments get better.