Friday, April 12, 2013

Future Nacho?

Linda tortures herself every week by looking through the websites that list all the dogs currently up for adoption.  She would love a big dog... a Snickers kind of dog named Nacho who would be our guardian and protector.  She knows she can't afford another dog since vet bills, grooming, and food are expensive.  Her resolve is surly tested this morning after seeing a picture of Uli.  His owner is going overseas and can't take him.  Uli's looks like SNICKERS exactly, and there is even a line in his bio where he loves to play with little dogs!  He is an excellent watchdog and barks if anyone nears the house (Snickers!) and he loves a comfy bed and lots of attention.  The last line of his bio "Uzi is a gentle dog and would love a new family."  ACK!  We want him bad. Lind is getting tears in her eyes cause she wants to go adopt him today.
He is at Lizzy's Lodge in Poolesville, Md.  Someone close by PLEASE adopt him so we can visit you.