Saturday, April 27, 2013


Success!  Linda did her research and found out the top rated pet stain remover.  It's called OUT! and most everyone gave it 5 stars on Amazon.  Luckily, the product is also available at Wal Mart. (Is that one word or two?)  Walmart isn't on Linda's regular shopping route. She is a Target, Giant and Trader Joe's shopper.  Sarah kept telling her how great the prices were at WM, but it's also very, very CROWDED most everyday of the week.  What about Saturday?  The entire lot was full, but Linda was determined.  The spot still was darker and smelled terrible and she needed to get it erased. After just one application of OUT! the spot is gone and the carpet smells fresh.  YAY!

"Imagine how bad it would have been if I was 60 pounds instead of 6 pounds"

Lots of other things made their way into Linda's cart.  The bag of chicken she buys for our food was $3 less than Giant.  The fruit and veggies were cheaper (so they don't look as shiny or fancy) and she got a Pedi-Egg tool to get her feet sandal ready.  Overall, a great trip.

People of Walmart she saw today:  A woman without pants.  She was wearing just a tee shirt that hit the very top of her thighs.  A man with a long gray mullet, a flannel shirt and short-shorts that was trying to decide what kind of pee-pee pads were best. (Linda helped him) Three little kids with the biggest smiles pushing around new bikes that their parents were going to buy them.  They made Linda smile too.   And the woman behind Linda in line that told her  "You look like one of them Real Housewives."  Um.... thanks??