Saturday, April 13, 2013

Rest is Overrated

Linda decided that rest was overrated.  She was planning on a few quite hours before she folded laundry, practiced her routines and then cooked our chicken for the week.  Instead, she mowed the front and backyard.  I know you're thinking "So what, mowing isn't hard."  Normally it isn't.  Except that she hadn't mowed ONCE yet this year.  The backyard was so thick and tall that it kept stalling the mower a hundred times.  After about 1/2 hour of starting and restarting the mower finally died.  She was sooooo mad!  Then it dawned on her to check the gas tank.  Duh, totally dry.  She filled it up and was able to finish although it kept stalling and smoking.  Her fingers are numb and hands ache from holding in the clutch.  The bagging of the grass is the worst part.  She has 5 giant contractor bags of grass clippings. 

This is the greenest our grass will be the entire season.. unless Linda waters it.  Our front yard looks terrible.  It's all weeds and dirt, but at least the weeds are short.  Next yard chore is working on the flower beds.