Sunday, April 14, 2013

Who Left The Dog Out?

Linda feels so horrible!  She by-accident forgot me in the backyard the entire time she was at church.  She had to leave early since she was scheduled in the nursery and didn't get home until almost 9:00.  That's 3 hours I spent outside, alone and IN THE DARK for the last hour.  After Chim and I do our business I always, always come back inside first.  Chim waits in his doghouse on the deck or stays in the yard until she calls him.  Today, he came in first and I was still sniffing around the grass. She totally assumed I came in, so she shut the sliding glass door and left for church.  When she got home and was walking up the yard to the front door, she heard whimpering and thought "Oh, someone left their poor puppy outside. That's mean."  Then when she walked in the house and I wasn't at the top of the steps, she realized she was the mean person who left the puppy outside!  No joke, I was actually sobbing like a baby when she opened the sliding door and picked me up.  It broke her heart.  She is thankful I was OK and that someone didn't puppy-nap me or an owl didn't swoop down and eat me for dinner.  It's one thing when 80 pound Snickers wanted to stay outside when Linda was gone, but when your just a 6 pound Chorkie, that's entirely unacceptable.