Saturday, April 13, 2013

Car Show

Linda's good sense took over and she isn't going to bring Nacho into our family.  She'll always have the memories of Snickers and trying to replace him isn't the answer to missing him. 
We will always love you big guy
Today was the Spring Car Show at Linda's church.  It was during the spring show last year that Penny made her appearance into the world!  Penny loved the car show, she really did!  During the motorcycle stunt show, she was clapping at all the appropriate times.  Linda didn't like the stunts the boys did and eventually had to walk away.  If their Mom's saw them doing handstands on speeding motorcycle, they would probably get in deep trouble.  Penny was mesmorized though and really enjoyed it.
"I can't wait to do my own wheelies someday"
She went down the slide with Taylor, but she is too little to do it alone. 
There were 100's of cars and motorcycles at the show, but I think one of the most popular with the kids was the fire car.  Linda enjoyed the day, but teaching at the gym from 9 a.m.-1p.m. and then being at the show from 1-4 p.m was a wee bit much. She needs to sit down for a few hours before she starts chores and her Les Mills choreography practicing.

Our microwave final bit the dust a few minutes ago.  She tried to use it to make lunch and loud warning alarms went off.  The display said "Shorted Out."  I guess she'll have to go buy one this week.