Monday, April 8, 2013

Amazing Weather

Now this is spring!  It might actually feel like summer by this Wednesday.  Today it's 77 degrees and the reports are predicting 86 degrees later in the week.  Linda better make my haircut appointment because there is no way I'm walking in that kind of heat with this mop of fur.
"Ah, this is the life!"
I am betting that I weigh almost a pound less after my haircut.  Under all that fur you'll find some abs of steel.  I've lost so much weight that you can feel my ribs. 
"I won't sleep, I won't sleep..."
Chimi very rarely sleeps on the deck.  He has to keep his eyes open and head up just in case there is something he needs to bark at (or a cookie suddenly appears and he misses it.)  You can tell how sleepy his eyes are, but he won't give in and lay his head down.

It was way scarier than the photo looks. 
Sarah posted her pictures from the hike yesterday.  Here Linda is being brave (stupid?) and crossing the log.  It would have been a really bad time for her knee to go out or her back to spasm.  Penelope was so excited to go on her birthday hike she was giggling.

Linda is so glad she gave the red wagon to Penny for Christmas.  All the kids loved riding in it at her party.  We're not sure what they are all looking at in this picture, but really... they were laughing and having fun.

There was also a better photo of Nana with Penny looking forward.  It was the end of a long afternoon and she was really tired.
You're Only One Once