Friday, April 5, 2013

Almost One

Rocking the two-piece last year
We are so excited for Penny's first birthday.  There are plans on Saturday and Sunday to celebrate.  If you're a Penelope fan (and how could you not be?) you'll have to keep checking for new photos.  Linda got her some new spring outfits and a pair of cute shoes.  I'm trying not to be jealous of the dog who looks like Chimi on the birthday card.  She said there wasn't one that looked like me. 
Pink, Mint and navy!
Everything goes together so she can mix and match.  It was hard for Linda not to fill her cart with more and more.  Dressing a little girl is so much fun. Penny loves kitties now, so at least one shirt had to have kittens on it. 

It's been awhile since there has been a cuddly Chimi photo.  Last night he was so content to be snuggled against Linda that he was smiling.  If he was a cat, he would have been purring.  Every 5 minutes he would do this happy sigh like it was the best day of his whole life.  When Linda would look down at him, he would thump his tail under the blankets against her leg.  Gosh, when Chimi was a new puppy, during the first three months Linda almost gave him away a dozen times.  He was always sweet, but so hyper-active that it made her cry a few times in frustration.  Now she can't imagine how it would be if he wasn't here.
"Happy Birthday Penny!  I'm glad you like me now."