Thursday, April 25, 2013

Feeling Grassy

Sarah sent Linda so many Penelope photos that she can't decide which to post.  She is going to wait until morning so she can organize them.  Until, enjoy this mesmerizing picture of this pile of mulch in our yard.  Remember the dying tree that was cut down a long time ago?  Well, the stump was still sticking up.  Linda's friend came over with a stump-b-gone grinder and made it disappear.  Now she just has to shovel the wood chips away.
Worse blog photo ever

If it's possible, Linda said mowing today was harder than a few weeks ago.  The grass looked dry, but down by the bottom it was wet and heavy.  The mower kept clogging, stopping and the blade even seized up.  She had to get a spade tool and unclog it.  Ugh.  Mowing is the worst chore.  Even though she took a shower when she was done, she still feels grassy.