Thursday, April 4, 2013

No need to sweep up

Where is the mystery key?
(Somehow Linda hit a weird button on the keyboard of the laptop and the screen view on my blog has shrunk down to barely readable as she types.  It's only on this page though, the rest of her screen resolutions look the same.  She's tried everything to get it back to the normal size.  Changing the text font size makes no difference.  The entire page view is super tiny.  Google wasn't much help.  She did the steps of start-control panel- resolution-blah, blah, blah and it didn't change anything.  If anyone knows the answer, let her know. It was something she hit on the bottom of the keyboard near the space bar.  In the blog "post settings" under options, she doesn't see anything to remedy it either.)

Instead of Linda going to Penny's house like she normally does, Sarah bought Penny to our house today at 11:00.  Penelope loves playing with us. Linda has a two minute video of Chimi trying to give Penny his sock toy.  Noah used to play tug of war and throw toys, but Penny wouldn't take the sock from him.  Chim kept trying and trying, refusing to give up. At one point he dropped it on her lap, but she still just stared at it.  Once she figures out "fetch"  he is going to be so happy!  After Linda edits the video down to a smaller clip, she'll post it.   When Sarah got back from her errands and trail run, she fed Penny some of her hard boiled eggs. 

We both stood waiting just in case she dropped any.  Today during Penny's lunch, I snagged a small piece of cheese, Chim got a piece of ham and we each got a green bean off the floor!  Yay!! for babies in the house who drop their food.  When we get people food, even off the floor, its always a bonus!