Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Linda has taught almost 9 hours of classes in the last two days. Her poor muscles are so sore and she is so T I R E D.  Tomorrow will be easier, she only teaches a 9:30, 10:30 and 4:30 so it will seem like a day off!  Except for Body Combat and Pump (where she has to do the whole class) she is going to start coaching more in some of her classes like during Sculpt and the other cross-training type of workouts.  In Aqua Boot Camp tonight, she stayed on the deck and piled up a bunch of the kick-boards to make a seat.  It was perfect, she could do the moves sitting down and not have to battle the resistance of the water.  Any second now she is going to bed. 
Ha!  Linda's just surfing during this class.
It's hard to believe that one year ago this week Linda was anxiously waiting for Penelope to be born.  Being a Nana has been so much fun for her.  Of course it helps that Penny is such a good girl and really easy to watch.  In all the times Linda has babysat her, she has only had one screaming fit!  Linda had to text Sarah to come home early because it was so unlike Penny to even cry.  It turned out she was just hungry, even after eating a full dinner, snack and a big bottle before Linda put her to bed.
"Nana, I'm a growing girl!"