Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ahoy, It's a Boy

Sarah, Tierney and her friends hosted an incredible baby shower for Carley last night.  Carley is Sarah's sister-in-law; Penny's Auntie and one of Tier's best friends.
Yes, they are one of the best looking couples you'll ever meet, and also the nicest!  This was taken when Linda went to Myrtle Beach with them last year.  They both love the water, so the theme was nautical.

Josh, Sarah's brother, cut this anchor out of plywood and Sarah sanded and painted it.  
Instead of a welcome book, everyone left a message in a bottle for the parents to read.  This is the most adorable idea ever.
Sarah found an old map, cut it up and spelled out baby Jackson's name across a banner.  Behind the banner on the tree, she made a "family tree."  The board across the top which says "generations" came from the Potomac river during Penny's birthday hike this weekend.

Linda's favorite part... look where Carley opened her presents!  On the dock surrounded by twinkle lights! Sarah also painted the anchor sign and handmade the pillow.  As it got dark, the twinkle lights everywhere looked amazing. 
Linda didn't take any photos.  All of these are taken from Tierney's blog The Preppy Leopard.  She did a much better job describing the shower than I did. Plus, I stole the heading from her too!

What do you think of this haircut?  Linda said she wants to get me totally shaved so I match Chimi.