Thursday, April 18, 2013


Update on Chimi:  He probably ate poop.  Yep, $176.16 to find out that he got a stomach bug from dried-up poop.  It was probably the rabbit poop.  He has been rolling around in it (resulting in baths!) and must have decided it would be a tasty snack.  Linda is mad at him.  That was her microwave money. Now she has to wait until next payday.  He got a shot and some pills to take at home.  She likes looking at his weight history:

11/10/10-  3.80 pounds; 11/16/10 - 4.50 pounds  (Almost a pound in one week.  She should have know he would grow into a beast;  1/6/11- 7.40 pounds ; 10/1/12- 15.20 pounds and then today 16.5 pounds. 

Chim is really lean and strong.  I bet his body fat is around 5-7%, just like a greyhound.  I don't know what my body fat is and I don't care.
"Don't tell me the number"

  Linda actually had a trainer do her body fat today at Gold's.  It was in lower than the "excellent" range for her age (but just "normal" for a female athlete in their 20's.)  I guess she should be happy with that.  The young guy trainer was like "Wow, that is really good for an older woman."  Once one of the guy trainers stopped her in the gym and told her he could give her some good exercises to firm up her saggy triceps.  It took all her marital arts self control to say thank-you and not drop him with a knee strike to the groin. She may be "older" but she can still hold her own!

Older Woman and Carol