Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Blame it on the Bunny

Every night around dusk, Linda has to be careful before she lets Chimi out in the backyard.  We have a fat... VERY fat bunny who has been feasting on all the clover growing in our grass.  He/She is the biggest bunny Linda has ever seen.  If Linda opens the sliding glass door, Mr. Bunny takes his time and hops through our fence into the neighbors backyard.  You're wondering how a FAT bunny could squeeze through a fence, right?  This is why:
 There used to be a tiny gap in our fence.  Over time it got bigger and bigger.  Now the gap is so big that Chimi and I could fit through at the same time.  As the bunny grew bigger, he must have pushed the fence wider and wider so he could squeeze through. The temporary fix is no longer working.  It now looks impossible to fix without some serious digging, pushing and nailing!  Maybe she could tack some wire mesh to the sides so Fat Bunny can't push the gap bigger and Chimi and I stay in our yard where we belong.

The bunny can't be blamed for this though.  Yesterday Linda was eating her lunch on the deck and noticed that someone moved the flood lights.  They used to be pointing into the yard, just like this.
Someone moved them so they were pointing up the sky and not facing the yard.  Linda is very careful about not leaving them on unless we are outside since they work so great.  We have houses all around us and she doesn't want anyone to be inconvenienced.  One of the neighbors must have come into our yard and readjusted them.  Either that or a bad guy plans on robbing our house and didn't want to lights shinning on him when he does it.