Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Just Say "No" to Wheat Update

This is day 5 of Linda's experiment with no wheat of any kind.  It's been difficult for a few reasons.  1) She hasn't gone grocery shopping to get more fruits and veggies.  She has been eating the same strawberries, bananas, yogurt, tilapia, apples and spinach that's in the fridge/freezer for 4 days straight.  Some variety would be nice.  2) When she reads labels to find out if there is wheat in something,  she finds 20 other terrible ingredients so she doesn't want to eat it.  3)  Linda LOVES bread and just about all starchy carbs, so it's been HARD to walk past the cakes, cookies and bagels.  4) The reason she started this is to see if her arthritis in her joints would feel better.  Not much, but it must take longer than a few days.
What?  Carrot Cake and cookies... Linda's two favorite things combined.

Now to the good parts:  1) She has had no drop in energy teaching classes. In the past two days, shes taught the following classes: 1 Body Pump; 3 Body Combat, 1 Sculpt; 1 Aqua Boot Camp; and 3 TKD classes.  She thought she needed lots of carbs to sustain energy, but not true!  2) She hasn't even been hungry at all due to the increased protein intake and no wheat that spikes your insulin and makes you hungry. 3) There isn't any bloating in her tummy or gut pain and 4) Her weight has held steady for probably the last 4 weeks.  She wanted to lose 10 more pounds, but the scale was stuck.  In 4 days she's lost 4 pounds! Added bonus!

"I only wish Chimi was this small.  I was 4 pounds in this photo, the lil' Chihuahua was 2 pounds!"

When Linda stopped mixing brown rice into our chicken wet food mix, Chimi and I lost weight too. We both have much better energy (good for me, bad for Chimi since he is already the energizer bunny.)   When you are as small as I am, one pound on my frame plus/minus makes a huge difference.