Saturday, April 27, 2013

It's Not My Fault

So far it's been an eventful day for Linda.  Earlier this morning she taught her Aqua class. After that her Kid Fit class (adorable 3-6 year olds pretending they are race cars, Transformers and animals while working up a good sweat!) and then she ran a TKD testing.  If that wasn't enough, when she got home she had a big pile of dog ooopsie! to clean up.  I had an accident while she was gone and she had a sticky, stinky mess to clean up off the carpet.  She said if I was going to have an accident like that, at least do it on the bathroom tile!  Gosh, what a mess. (I dragged my butt through it;  really spreading it out and grounding it into the carpet fiber.)  Before she could tackle the stain, I had to have a bath and get my butt shaved.  It was really that bad.  I'm much happier now that I'm clean.  Linda has to go to the pet supply store and find a good stain remover since the cheap brand she bought to save money isn't really working.  It got most of it up, but there is still a definite mark you can see.
Some amazing pet stain remover company should send us a bottle to review
She is hungry, tired, sore, limping a bit on her bruised foot and really wants to relax and read her book about the missionary family who lived with a remote Amazon tribe.   Instead, it's back out to the store and working on working on the carpet stain instead.

I know you are really checking my blog to see more Penny pictures and not read about poop stains... so here you go.
Almost as tall as Daddy... NOT!
Rocking the saggy pants look
"Should I have the pancakes or french toast?"