Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Adventures with Penny part 2 and a sore foot

This picture looks like Aunt Tier is telling Penny "Go over there NOW!" and Penny goes "OH, Aunt Tierney, I'm so scared." 

Penelope has such strong quads.  This deep squat is amazing.  (Future Body Pump instructor!)

Linda loves, loves, loves this photo of Penny and her BFF Evie.  They enjoy each other so much.  I wouldn't be surprised if Penny says "Evie" before she says "Nana."  Evie even taught Penny how to use the slide during their play-date.

This morning Linda woke up and couldn't put weight on her right foot.  Just out of nowhere, it was hurting her so much along the pinkie toe edge, up around the ankle and underneath.  When she went to bed last night, she didn't notice anything wrong with it.  The first step out of bed, it was a stabbing pain.  After hobbling through her morning class, she stopped on the way home to buy new sneakers.  It's been at least 6 months since she replaced them and she thought it could be that.  Lots of ice and 4 ibuprofen made it feel a little better (and prayers from her two friends during Combat!)  She was able to teach her 3 afternoon/evening classes but right now it's throbbing again.  Dr. Web MD said its either tendinitis, a stress fracture or ill fitting or old shoes.  Linda is going with the third option and believing she'll wake up and it will be gone.