Sunday, April 7, 2013

Snickers Twins

Yesterday morning's walk wiped me right out.  Jerry sent Linda a text that I was slow and pokey, and he had to coax me along.  Later that evening when Linda said "do you want me to get my shoes on?" (our cue for a walk) I ran and hid in my kitchen bed.  Chimi went ballistic and almost hurt himself flipping off the couch in excitement.  She decided not to force me to go because she knew she would just have to carry me anyway.  They took the normal 45 minute route that we usually do.  Except without me it only took them 22 minutes!  Chim  slowed down once to pee, but other than that, they kept a a very brisk pace.  When she picked him up to cross the last street in front of our house, his eyes were squinting shut and his body slumped against her because he was so tired. The second Linda sat down on her chair, he jumped right up in her lap.
"We could be brothers."
This photo of him looks so much like Snickers.  Linda read an article yesterday that black furred dogs are the least popular of any color.  Shelters have way more black dogs than any other color.  I guess people think they look mean or aren't cute.  The same with Chihuahuas.  Lots of people think they are adorable when small, and then they realize how much patience it takes teaching a Chi (just ask Linda.)  It's soooo worth it though.  Chim is a black Chi and we are glad we stuck with him. 
Wheat bread worse than a Snickers bar?  Yep, you have to read the book!
Linda's day one of no wheat wasn't perfect.  She had a veggie/fruit shake for breakfast, passed up her normal energy bar between classes, didn't have any pie at the party, ate fruit/veggies for lunch made it all the way until 8:00 before she ate a leftover slice of pizza for dinner.  Until then, her belly felt flat and not bloated at all.  After the pizza, she felt awful.  She doesn't think it was her imagination either.  Today she is hiking after church, so she is going to stop and get some nuts and bring a banana for energy.  She fell of the wheat wagon because she didn't plan any protein in her meals and she was starving.